Story time.

When I was in a group called "Singing Boys and Singing Girls" (original, no?) in 6th grade, we went to a contest in San Antonio, I think, and me and all the girls in the car (while my mom graciously volunteered to drive) decided to listen to Hero, by Mariah Carey, practically the entire way there.

No really. We put it on repeat and after a couple of times she'd make us listen to another song in between Hero, to break it up a little.

Well, I heard the song on the radio the other day and I thought of that trip and how I was a crazy, dorky, pre-teen and then thought of me raising pre-teens one day…shutter.

Ha, ok, I wasn't that bad, but man, my mom was so good to us! Hopefully I can be as cool as her.

And for your viewing entertainment, I bring you, Mariah Carey.

http://youtu.be/0IA3ZvCkRkQ  (Turns out I can't embed it, but this is probably the best one out there. Oh, and you'll thank me for this lovely flashback to the late 90's so trust me, you've gotta watch it:)

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  1. I remember singing that song in choir in middle school! Definitely takes me back:)


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