Ryan's a graduate!

Ok, so really, there should be a bajillion posts on last weekend. Ryan's parents came into town and I think we all took a combined thousand pictures. Or something like that. There were some long speeches involved, but it was all for a good cause: Ryan's a graduate! For real! ((Also, grades came back and he totally got straight A's his last semester--including his capstone class where I paper he wrote was worth 50% of his grade! I married a smarty-pants, that's for dang suuure.))

Without further ado, a few of Ry's dad's stalker-pictures (In a good way, of course, Ken. And I didn't delete any of them, I promise!) of Ryan. He's such a stud!  Don't worry, there are more. But that would require a whole 'nother blog post. Also, I took some professional pictures of him as well so I'm excited to edit them and put them on this blog and my photography blog. Oh, and maybe soon Ry will post about his summer adventures. Geez, that kid's lucky, with no work or school for two whole weeks, then a trip to Rome!

**Also, do you guys read my photography blog? I've been reading loads up on photography blogs and branding and even though I'm completely overwhelmed, I'd love a little love from y'all on how you like it, and what I can do better. Please and thank you!**


Also, this is the current background of my computer.  I think we're super cute.

 The parents!! We're so happy that they could come up, spend time with us, and stuff themselves silly at Tucanos.

Oh, us again? How silly of me. But isn't Ryan just a cutie? Not biased at all.


  1. You two are so cute! Love both of the pictures of you guys! You look great!

    By the way, sorry to take forever to respond, but I totally saw you during commencement in Rexburg!! I didn't recognize you at first because I had forgotten you had cut your hair and obviously I was just totally not expecting to see you..haha. I would have tried to track you down to say "hi", but Trent and I were kind of frantically trying to meet up with my family! Sorry about that :/ Oh, and I think my sister and your brother actually graduated from different departments. My sister graduated in Early Education Special Education :) Anyway, thought I'd finally send you a response..haha


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