Rexburg: Taylor Graduates!

Ryan and I FINALLY had the chance to go up to Rexburg, Idaho this past weekend to see my awesome brother graduate! Even though three of my siblings have gone to school there (for at least a semester or two), they always came down to see us instead of the other way around. And ok, there's not a TON to do there, and it was a bit chilly, but other than a headache that Ry had for a few hours on Friday night, we really had a lot of fun!

First, let me start out by saying that Ryan used to go up to Brigham City, UT when he was a kid because his grandparents on his mom's side lived up there. It was so cute to drive up and have him peering out the window the whole time to see if he could see things that he saw when he was little. Unfortunately it was terribly foggy, so we could hardly see a thing. It was still pretty cute though. (He always cracks me up when he says, "I've stayed at that hotel before." That kid has stayed at so many random hotels off I-15!)

…too much?…

Taylor graduated officially on Friday, and then the commencement with everyone was on Saturday morning. In between and around all that we ate some delicious Great Harvest Bread, hung out with Tay and Jaimee, went shopping with my parents and Taylor as he got a graduation suit (I learned how boys dress pants are supposed to fit--SO helpful! Thanks Mom and Dad!) aaand ate at Big Judd's. There were eight of us so we split two one pound burgers and ate waaaay too many fries that anyone should eat, especially right before the weather warms up :)

We had so much fun and are sad that we won't be going back any time soon, but are so excited for T and J's new adventures in Houston! Congrats guys!!!

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