101 in 1001: #20, #30, #64, #71

Man, I'm so bad at updating that list. I've blogged about a few of the accomplishments already, but here's an "official" 101 in 1001 blog post to prove it.

20. Go on a weekend road trip

We were lucky enough to get President's day weekend off and go to Colorado to visit some family friends. Grant is Ry's bff from childhood and him parents, Sue and Jim, built themselves a sweet Colorado home/mansion  and were gracious enough to let us crash there and feed us, too! I made a blog post about it already, but to prove it was awesome...

I've never been in a hot tub when it's cold outside--it was so fun. We hung out with Sue and Jim while Grant was doing some homework and I can't wait to go back in the summertime and have a picture of us hanging out on their awesome deck instead of in a hot tub!

30. Go to a Jazz game

I already posted about the Jazz game, but we went in February with the Hart's to a Suns v Jazz game. They had a foam finger and everything, but we made sure not to wave it until they were winning and then they won!! I heard today that I guy is in the intensive care unit after a fan beat him after a Dodgers/Giants game--scary. Maybe I don't need to associate myself with foam fingers afterall...

64. Take pictures of a newborn

I've been fortunate enough to take pictures of 2 newborns this winter, Lincoln and Simon. They were absolutely adorable and are already getting so big! Here's one I've posted so far on little Linc:

71. Make photography business cards

I have business cards!!! They came at the end of last week and I really like them. I feel so official now, and both Ryan and I have them with us now in our wallets at all time, hurray for officially being in business!

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  1. I love that you guys have a list like that....SO cute!!! I love that Linc made the blog :)


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