Despicable Me: Agnes

Really, you have to love this movie. Ryan and I watched it as our FHE last night (also, he was gone all weekend, so we couldn't watch it until then anyway) and absolutely loved it. I love that we watch animated movies all the time. I think this is definitely one that we'd like to own one day. Also, how can you not absolutely L-O-V-E Agnes? She's adorable. And if we name a future child Agnes, it's because of her.


  1. I love this movie too, it's so dang cute! We will own it one day as well.

  2. do not steal my baby names, missy.

  3. YES! I have a suggestion for Korean in Provo--we really like Sam Hawk. It's in the same little shopping center as Honks $1 (assuming that's still there). We really like the bibimbop and the bulgogi (I prefer chicken bulgogi but to each their own)! the only downside is that sometimes the service seems to take forever. they usually only have like 2 waitresses working. if you do go maybe avoiding prime-dinner-time would speed things up?


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