Pressure Cooker.

I just watched a great documentary called Pressure Cooked (Have I mentioned how much I love how many documentaries Netflix has on their instant cue? It's like heaven). It's based in Philidelphia and follows a few high school seniors in the inner city that are in Culinary Arts and compete at the end of the year for CCAP scholarships for community college as well as cooking schools all over the country.

One girl, Fatimata, has a not so good family life, and in the interview for the scholarship, the interviewer asks her how she adjusted from life in Mali, to Philidelphia, just 4 years prior. She talks about public transportation and free lunch and says something like, "I have every opportunity in front of me, thinks with my family are just ok, but why wouldn't I want to better myself and go to college."

I loved her positive attitude. It made me cry as I thought of her, and how she is turning her situation into a positive one, and how there are so many people in such better circumstances than her, and yet they don't take advantage of all the opportunities they could have.

I want to be better and more positive and take advantage of all that I have to not only improve and better my life, but help others around me. And especially help kids like Fatimata. I love that Ryan and I have already started the tradition of giving back and giving 10 extra dollars each month to the humanitarian fund or missionary fund for the church, or giving to UNICEF or the Red Cross when disasters like Haiti and Japan happen.

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