An awesome weekend.

I feel like I've written at least 5 posts lately that I just haven't finished! And I have a list of future posts that I'd like to write too.

Anywho, our weekend was filled with:
  • assisting Whitney at a wedding and taking loads of candids that I can use for my own portfolio!! (but unfortunately being away from Ryan all day on Friday [sad face] 
  • a headache followed by an awesome mini mini photoshoot done by fellow intern Lana (see a few of my favorites below, go here and here to see more of her work) that made my headache go away!!
  • walking around the mall trying to figure out just how I want to use my $50 gift certificate to the mall (I just can't decide!!) while Ry was so patient with me
  • eating leftovers then playing Settlers of Catan with the LeMeistre's (and getting destroyed by Josh)
  • making awesome meals like Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce ( I really hope our future kids won't be picky and will love our love for a wide range of foods from all over) and cheesecake bars--I'll post the recipes soon, promise.
  • Watching SALT, along with some Psych (my new favorite instant Netflix show) and Modern Family (LOVE it) and playing a little MarioKart too.
Other than the headache it was a pretty positive weekend. But this awful non-spring weather is killin me! Enjoy some pictures and get ready for some blog overloads this week!

Can you tell which one is my favorite?

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  1. Oh dear. These are SO cute I can hardly stand it. Also, I LOVE Psych. It's possibly the funniest TV show on the planet. They had a contest last year to see which college campus likes the show the most, and BYU won! So now they're referencing our school in an episode! I hope it's about Jimmer...


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