Cheese! ...and rambling on and on... and summer plans too...

We've been a bit busy lately, with Ryan finishing up school (and graduating this weekend!) and me working and interning long hours, along with doing photoshoots of my own (Mal, I'm so excited for you. I seriously love so many of your pictures, it's hard to pick my favorites!), but don't worry, we'll be back next weekend with PLENTY of pictures to share. Ryan's parents are in town and we hope to do some fun things with them in Ptown while they're here, and I've got more shoots scheduled in the next month, and we've got a trip to ROME to plan and then we're off to Italy for a week...be still my heart. I can't help but ramble on a and on right now, there's so much going on and I love it so much.

A few of my goals for this summer: take more pictures, learn more italian, sew a few skirts for me, and make things for our home, print more pictures, design and print our wedding album, read 5 books... any other suggestions on what I should do? It'll be our last summer in Utah, so we also plan on doing some cool stuff here, but we're not exactly sure yet.

Oh yeah, and the original reason for this post: cheese. I seem to be on a kick these days. Seriously, I love cheese so much. Good thing Joanna Goddard loves cheese too. Check out this cheese-y post  if you haven't already. I'm already planning a party with a cheese plate. Oh! I should add that to my summer list...

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