A Project 52 post

I've recently joined an online photography group, so as to keep me out of a rut. I love photography, but I don't always have a photography session planned and sometimes I'm nervous to just go out and take pictures since most of the time I look like a dork and am semi-scared of the questions that will be asked. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I've got to practice to be as good as one, right?

This week's theme is "in your jewelry box" so today I went outside (after working out, then changing back into regular clothes, while my hair looked totally crazy, btw), took my jewelry box around, and took pictures! I got stopped a few times and answered questions, and it wasn't half bad! The experiment is working! Anyway, I'll post more of these/the rest of these on my photography blog, along with a little history of the pieces, but I thought I'd lure you over there with a few pictures from today. More, and my absolute favorite will be posted tomorrow and later in the week so keep checking the the other blog [[ pretty please :) ]]

***on a side note, it turns out I don't really wear any of the pieces in my jewelry box unless they're earrings. but they've all got a special place in my heart so I'll keep holding on to them.


  1. Those are great Emily, can't wait to see more!

  2. I really like the second one. the chipped paint looks really cool!


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