Such an original title, right? Well, here's another short post, but I just had to put some of my random thoughts down.

[[Also, no worries, a Colorado post is on it's way soon. It was so beautiful!]]

1. I love that Forget You is on the radio. I love Glee's version, but whenever I hear Ceelo's I think of Glee anyway and it makes me super happy.

2. I just found out that Spice World will only be available for a few more weeks on Netflix. Good thing I took advantage of that when I was sick a few weeks back. :)

3. I'm loving my haircut. Want to hang out and see it in person??

4. I'm wearing the same cardigan I wore to work on Monday. Maybe no one really remembers? Ooops.

5. Happy belated bday to Cherie and pre birthday to Ken! I'm pretty proud of Ry for blogging on his own yesterday--I didn't even have to remind him. I have high expectations for him now... :)

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