a photography update

I admit, I've been a little terrible lately at taking pictures of the two of us, however, I've been on a roll with my photography business, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorites from the past few weeks.

(Also, I'm totally posting this while Ry is at stake conference and I'm sick in bed. No worries, it's just a sore throat and lack of peppiness, but I thought I'd keep it to myself this Sunday. It hit me last night and the quirky thing about it is that LAST stake conference Ry was the sick one and I was the one who had to go by myself.)

First up, Jess. It was my first time taking maternity pictures of her and we had tried to get some photos at the end of December, but the weather wasn't cooperating and neither were any of the buildings on campus. So a few weeks ago we roamed around town and I think we definitely got some keepers.

Next, our friends AC/DC. We met Amanda and Dave in DC and I'm so glad we get to live nearby back in Utah so we can still hang out. I took Anniversary pictures of them last weekend and although I'm waiting to edit them with Whitney Lewis, I really like the one that I've worked on so far. We went to Utah lake and maybe it's just me, but walking on the frozen lake was the coolest thing ever.

And last but definitely not least, is the cutest boy ever, Lincoln. Even though I'm currently interning with a wedding photographer, I would love to take more portraits of newborns and little ones (hint hint). They're so precious! And the interactions of newborns and their moms is totally priceless.

You can see these pictures and more on Facebook as well as on my photog blog. Also, if anyone knows of couples getting married, I would love to take engagements and/or formals/bridals. And portraits of babies/kids/families too. If y'all could help get the word out, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks for your support!

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