Weekend Review: Family, Football, Friends and Food

Those three F's sum up our weekend quite accurately, I do believe. First up, my little sister, Brynn, came into town on Friday and on Saturday we went to a BYU football game and totally SMASHED our opponents, thank goodness! I know UNLV is something like 1-8 but still, if felt nice to win 55 to 7.

Then, today we had some friends in the ward come over for dinner and I made enchiladas and cheesecake/apple/streudel/carmel bars and it was seriously amazing. It's not that I'm an amazing cook or anything, but I LOVE blogs and reliable tried and true recipes and the fact that there are pictures and great directions and everything right at my fingertips!!

I'll link the recipes soon, they're definitely recipes to be made again. I love that I can pick almost any recipe from my trusty blogs and it'll turn out fabulously, the first time and every time. Anyone have any favorite blogs that they just can't live without? I'm re-doing my go-to blog reel on the side, so watch out for some rad blogs coming soon.


  1. smittenkitchen.com, bakerella.com, and pioneerwoman, but I know that you know about that one already. I can't wait to see more recipes from you!

  2. i love your recipes em! i was just lookin through them all this morning. i'm so excited to cook for josh with your trusty recipes!


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