Learning with Whitney (and some free photoshoots!)

 I helped Whitney Lewis shoot a wedding this weekend at the Provo temple. By "help" I mostly held cameras and watched her shoot. I'm learning so much about photography, cameras, posing, attitudes and what to say to make sure all the little kids look at you. Also, I totally got camera envy as I took a few shots with er Nikon D700. Oh, it was beautiful. It's definitely a camera for professional photographers, which I am not one, but it was still fun to handle it and learn how to take better shots. That being said, my new want is a Nikon D300 (just fyi). It's almost as good, but not quite, so I can learn on a great quality, but less complicated camera. Plus, once I save up enough money for Lightroom and Photoshop and learn my way around those programs, my editing can be even better and really make the photographs pop.

Speaking of photography, if anyone would be interested in allowing me to take their pictures (for FREE!), whether it be just you, a couple, a baby, a family, whatever, let me know!! Email me at emilydee@gmail.com.


  1. a. Jealous cause I would love to do that

    B. We would be your ginniepigs but the 2100 miles between us makes it a bit hard

  2. That is awesome you got to do that! I still haven't gotten to, but I hope soon I can!


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