I'm totally crafty.

Well, not particularly, but I have a few favorite blogs that are pretty crafty, one of which is a private blog, but you can see Alyssa's photography blog here, and check out another crafty blog called One Lovely Life here.

Alyssa made a cute scarf  from this tutorial (a picture of her is below) and also linked another blog's scarf idea.

 I totally jumped on it and made this: 

It's supposed to look more like this, but my shirt was a fairly form-fitting one, so it wasn't nearly as long. I'll definitely be hitting up more old shirts and DI shirts to make more. It was way easy and took maybe an hour? Also, I didn't need to buy anything to make it, which is nice since the crafty items in our household consist of krazy glue and kid-sized scissors...


  1. ooh, cute. may have to give that one a try.

  2. That looks awesome!! I still have yet to try that pattern but now I really want to!


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