High school football anyone?

First off, I love my new job. I love the girls I work with, most of all. So when I heard that there was going to be a get-together on Wednesday nigh consisting of chili cheese dogs and high school football, I knew these girls were even cooler than I thought!

At first I was a little skeptical of a high school football game on a Wednesday night, but then I remembered that Utah has/had Fall Break at the end of this week, so the game was technically on a Friday, school-wise. We were supposed to dress up in their school colors (Maple Mountain was maroon and gold and Ogden was black and orange (talk about awful)) and that was when I realized that I didn't own any maroon. I know I have at one point in my life, but I must have given the maroon stuff away! Either way, I looked like I was going to a Halloween work party.

But when I got to the game and saw the score, I promptly zipped up by blue coat and rooted for the Maple Mountain Eagles. What can I say, I like rooting for a winning team! Also, I'm from Texas, where high school football rules, so I gave the girls a run for their money and cheered as loudly as possible. Maybe the others around us where a little frightened by my intensity, but someone had to do it, right??

PS I didn't smell alcohol the whole game. Also, there weren't policeman hovering over the student section. That was definitely not the case at good 'ol CHS...

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