Labor Day

This weekend has been so great. I've loved hanging out with my family, with my parents and siblings and just enjoying the long weekend.

I'll write more about the weekend throughout the week, but I thought I'd leave everyone with a few pictures of us hanging out on the west coast.

1. My parents are quite amazing.  I was able to hang out with them on Thursday all by myself and it was so fun! It was so beautiful in Seattle so we walked through a mall on Pine St. and ate some FABULOUS Thai food (I'm addicted after living right beside a Thai place the whole summer), then around Pike's Place!

2. The Market. I promptly stared at all of the beautiful bouquets and wished that they could survive without water for a few days and through the airport.

3. Taylor's wedding was on the 4th and the weather was so pretty! The day was perfect and we definitely all took our fair share of pictures. Which my sisters promptly put them on facebook that night.

4. Oh, my sisters. I love them to pieces. Here they are doing the classic "Hammy" look, from the movie Over the Hedge. They're adorable and I'm glad that we were able to spend the whole day together.

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Okay Em, I know I say this every stinkin' time you post a picture, but I just have to say that you are insanely gorgeous. Honestly. You took all the pretty and didn't leave any for the rest of us! ;)


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