Sunday afternoons.

Today was such a rad day. Seriously. Ryan let me sleep in until 10:30 (and we went to bed at midnight…I think it was one last "sick" day to make sure I'm 100% better, what a sweetie) and then I made pancakes and put a little cinnamon and nutmeg in them and they were so good!

And then we went to church and sat by the Mellors and even said the opening and closing prayers the last hour (it was combined) so people will know our name! Actually, the bishop asked us to give the prayers before the meeting and then right as his counselor announced the opening hymn and that I was giving the prayer he added that I would be leading the music too! What a joker. Anyway, I think I pinch-hit pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Also, we ate dinner with Josh and Miriam and Brett and Whitney tonight and played a mean game of 1930's Monopoly. We seem to be playing a lot of old-school games lately (we played the original Life with Dan and Chelsea a few weeks ago and it was CRAZY!).

Anyway, it was rad and Josh can really cook a mean meal. Healthy too, minus the whole cream sauce thing…ha.

*Totally random photo, but I think my sibs are pretty cute.*

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  1. Seriously best game ever!!! Girls rocked their socks off....Sundays are the best...I just heard your door close I think one of you is heading off...yes, I will become a secret stocker...j/k ha ha...


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