last days of undergraduate-hood

Well, Ry is in the final semesters of being an undergraduate and yesterday was his last first day of school! Ok, well, I guess January will hold his official last first day of school, but this is his last first day of fall semester, ok?

I got to see Ryan on campus both yesterday and today as I went to the Wilk to print out resume's and do some shopping for Taylor and both times it was hard to leave and say goodbye to Ryan. It's so weird not being a student and also not seeing ANYONE I know on campus (even though I still have friends there, I promise!). I think it's also a little hard for Ry not seeing me or eating lunch with me or anything. It'll definitely take a little getting adjusted to.

But in the mean time, a school picture. Actually, I should have taken a picture yesterday, but I didn't. I'll take one in January, promise. This picture is one of my favorites of Ry though. He's so cute and professional and in April he'll graduate! Also, I just noticed that he's wearing the tie he wore for our wedding pictures. So now I love it even more.

Here's to the the next-to-last last day and to starting grown-up lives!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still takes back to school pictures ;)


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