NYC: Part 2

The Empire State Building.

We didn't go in, since our time in the Big Apple was limited, but I took some pictures of it for good measure. I really love the architecture and the box-y bottom and spire at the top. Of course, I know nothing about architecture, but thanks to by interior design savvy friend, Whitney, I'd like to think that I'm learning more. She's got some great websites linked to her blog that will keep you busy for hours. And make you want to be more creative every day.

But back to the Empire State building.

I love all the buildings in Manhattan. They all have a history and a story and I think that's pretty sweet.

We started walking toward Grand Central Station afterwards, but I couldn't help but take more pictures. I love pictures of this city. Maybe I'm becoming slightly obsessed, but I can't help it. Now I know how people fall in love with this place!

Here are a few pictures from Grand Central. The main lobby has constellations on the ceiling and it's painted this beautiful blue. It's nice to see some bright color after looking at all the grey buildings.

Ok, so to sum it up, we loved our trip and hope you guys aren't too bored when I post a billion pictures about things we did and saw. We definitely didn't get to do everything, so we're excited to *hopefully* go back in a year.

Keep your fingers crossed that Ry gets in to a law school on the East coast. Because seriously, he's adorable.

Who wouldn't want to add this kid to their list of smarty-pants Class of 2014?

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  1. You are too funny! I'm so happy you got to go to New York City. Maybe our smart husbands will end up at the same school, us a year after, and we can run around that amazing city together eating cupcakes and rue 57. Dream it baby, dream it!


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