7th Hill Pizza

I feel bad, but mostly (like the Christiansen's) we've eaten pizza and burgers while here in DC. I've eaten some great Ethiopian food and even food at the National Museum of American Indians (my dad says it's the best Smithsonian cafeteria, hands down), but we've eaten at some great brick-oven style pizza places too.

Enter: 7th Hill Pizza.

Although I didn't have my camera on me, Amanda took some stellar pictures of our pizzas and the nutella calzones we ate for dessert (Holey moley! They were FANTASTIC.).

Ours was called the "7th Street" (the one with proscuitto all over it) and it was seriously so good. Ryan and I shared a 12" and it was perfect. Amanda and Dave really liked their pizza too. The downside is that they only serve drinks in cans, and they're a little pricey for my taste, but I'm always in the mood for free water :)

It's in the Eastern Market area and we ate outside. It's a cute tiny resaurant with fabulous pizzas. I'm tempted to go back before we leave, just like we have to go back to every other place we've eaten at. I seriously love only eating at places you've heard good things about. Everything else is just so dissapointing! I mean, I'm all for experimenting, but in DC, with so many options, I'm a fan of the internet and blogs galore helping me pick where to go.


  1. dude. no " a " . :) I wanna go back!

  2. include me in that return to 7th hill!!!

    ps- eastern market this weekend??


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