Don't you quit.

As I was doing some blog reading the other day, I came across this link. I absolutely love what Elder Holland says, and I couldn't help but cry...even though I was totally watching the video on mute, since my work computer doesn't have speakers. It just got to me.

Ryan and I are starting out on a new path of our life together, with me graduating and looking for jobs back in Utah and him studying for the LSAT and deciding on which colleges to apply for, and I can't help but put ourselves in the same position as the family from the video. We've got so far to go in life and we're only  now beginning.

I've decided: we're not quitting.

We all have our share of obstacles and decisions to be made on a daily basis that are shaping our future. I know that we've got many more challenges on the horizon, but this video makes me excited to keep going and keep trying, no matter how hard the road may seem.

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