This one's for you, Ken

My father-in-law is a great guy. In fact, when I got married my sisters decided to call him their "Kenneth-in-law" because they wanted him to be their in-law too.

He recently made a comment on our blog about how we should be wearing hats when we go outside. Let me just tell you, he is a hat-wearer. We thought we'd honor him not only by wearing hats in these pictures, but also because we took them in Annapolis, home of the Naval Academy (he was a JAG lawyer for a time, so we thought of him while we were there).

Here's to you!

He's not really excited about being a sailor, he's just smelling the fudge they store is selling...

A stately profile pose, wouldn't you agree?

We love you Ken, and LOOK: We're wearing hats!

Too bad we're inside...

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