P.S. I love you

Last night I watched P.S. I love you for the first time. Ryan had a paper to write and I had rented it from the library so I put it in while Ry went off to the computer room/library of the Barlow Center to get some work done.
I cried about 80% of the movie.
I couldn't help it. Let's just say, I wear my heart on my sleeve. At least that makes me feel like it's ok to cry as much as I do.
My mom says I was a sensitive kid, and even though I'm growing up... I'm still a sensitive kid. I cry most of the time when others cry, like when people start to cry when they bear their testimonies in church.
I think that especially now that I'm married, or that I'm growing up, I cry when people die. Not just any death, but in seeing movies like Up and P.S. I love you, and even reading Tuesdays with Morrie. It's because there's love in the picture and there's so much love you can't even stand it.
So I cried a lot last night, and used about half of our tissues, and my eyes are still a little red even today. But as Ry always asks, "Is it a good cry or a bad cry?" it was definitely a good cry.
And the next time you're watching a tv show or a movie and you cry because people die and sad things happen and you think, "Geez, I shouldn't be crying, it's just a movie," you can think of me and know that if I was watching it, I'd be doing the exact same thing.


  1. dude, that movie is so hard to watch. it's an emotional roller coaster. I cried that much too. I cry at harry potter, seriously. so..yeah...

  2. I am the exact same way!! And that is one of my favorite movies!! It's DEFINITELY a good cry :) Miss you!

  3. LOL you crack me up! You are the best! It sounds like you guys are having a great time in DC! Miss ya!



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