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I just updated my food blog with a new recipe and changed its url and the layout too.

I've been on a food blog kick lately and I just can't get enough amazing recipes. Even with the limited counter space here in our studio, I think Ry will be pleasantly surprised with what we end up eating.

Also, have I told you all how much I am LOVING Trader Joe's?? I just did a price check with the Safeway down the street (I know, I had way too much free time on my hands today) and TJ's has better prices all the way around. My new philosophy is, if TJ's has it, it'll be cheaper. Mind you, they don't have a ton of variety and with many staples and canned products (like canned, diced tomatoes or cream of chicken) but what they do have is going to be priced better. Another qualm is that they don't have sales, so if Safeway has things on sale that I normally get at TJ's, they'll be cheaper, but if I just need to run out and get something really quick, TJ's is the best place to be.

Sorry about that little rant.

Also, sorry about shortening Trader Joe's to TJ's. I once knew this kid named TJ in 4th grade. He was big and had anger management problems. No good.

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  1. I looveeee you! Oh and I super miss you. I would call you too, except i broke my phone awhile back and got a new one. So yeah, but I read all of your blogs, btw I'm so jealous, and I am always thinking of you.


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