November, according to my phone.

Well, not all of these are from my phone. November, according to iphoto is more accurate... In November we took some beautiful family photos in Central Park, thanks to Laura Farr. And then Ken, Ryan's dad, came to the city for Thanksgiving and although there aren't too many pictures, we had so much fun with him going around the city adventuring, and the boys absolutely loved having a new playmate in the morning right when they woke up. We had a combined Thanksgiving this year, with the Kjar's hosting this time and dessert/pies at our house afterward. They invited us and the Davis' (Paola and Mark and their two year old, Johnny) and it's always fun to have a big, friend/family party, similar to the gatherings of my childhood. There aren't a lot of photos from November this year. I must have had too much fun enjoying the jacket weather and all that sun. 

Num Pang! 

The Intrepid--little boy/airplane heaven.

The boys started saying personal prayers before bed and it's just so sweet hearing their voices and allowing them to show their gratitude to their Heavenly Father. 

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