a birthday in the big city.

^^although we forgot to ask someone to take a picture of us both, we did get a picture of each of us, which counts for something, right?

Ryan and I made the most of having my birthday on a Saturday and had the most fabulous day date ever. Our friends, the Joy's, watched the boys and we headed down to the Village. We walked though Washington Square park and then headed to Murray's to eat the best grilled cheese sandwiches of my life. And then we bought some amazing, totally stinky, totally creamy/salty/delicious cheese (like Taleggio, but made in Virginia) and headed to the Union Square holiday market to pick up some trinket's for the boys' stockings and a last minute friend's gift. 

That, in a little nutshell, describes a perfect date. Cheese, the city, and Ryan. Win, win, win!

^^ Our favorite pizza in the city. Although we've had some pretty good $2 slices at random parts of the city, too.

^^ Burrata BLT with marinated/sun-dried tomatoes..this was sooooo good.

^^their Murray's melt (their own amazing concoction of cheeses) with bacon (it was my birthday, afterall :)

^^we've both decided to try and do as much of our Christmas shopping as possible next year at the holiday markets around town. So much goodness--cute posters, old maps, cute knit hats, unique jewelry...

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