the rolling rally: red sox parade!

Love these boys.

Walter was born just in time to enjoy watching the Sox/Cardinals series and see the Sox win the World Series. We finally bought some bunny ears for our tv to watch it--so worth that 20 bucks :) On Nov 2 the Sox had a parade that started in Fenway park, went through Boston and past the Boston marathon finish line, and finished in the Charles River. We dressed up in all our Sox gear and cheered them on and it was so fun. So grateful for consignment sales so that the boys can always have Sox gear that will fit them through their childhood--from shirts to hats to sweatshirts, they're set.

Go Sox!


  1. So fun!! I love those little boys in their sox gear!!

  2. Did Henry get another haircut? (or maybe his hair is just tucked under his hat ;) If so it looks so cute! He looks so mature with it! :)


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