back home in boston.

We've been home for a week and I'm still behind on vacay posts. Oh well. We're loving being home and bought a few things for the apartment this week to make it even homier. The plan is to stay here until we graduate. So another year.

But guys, this is a good thing. Our home looks and FEELS especially awesome. I think I just needed to leave, be in other's homes, and then come home to really appreciate the awesomeness that is coming home to a place to call your own. I love sitting on our futon, having Henry play in a wide open (for Boston city-living standards) space, having a pantry to call my own and just having all our stuff. So nice.

Henry is growing like a weed, exploring like crazy, and I have a feeling this walking thing is going to happen sooner than I'd like.

And I'm so glad it's all happening here, in our little abode.

{ and here's a little video of henry. he's loving ryan's textbooks and opening and closing them all. if only they weren't so darn expensive... at least this kid's got good taste :) }

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  1. We all enjoyed the "Open/close" video! The kids were laughing at how cute Henry is!
    I'm so glad you can like your space. As a SAHM, that is absolutely crucial!!!


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