skillz thanks to gigi.

Remember how I mentioned in the climbing post that he was learning how to drink out of a straw? We've been giving him a straw once a day or so for the last few weeks and usually he just gnaws  and chews on it, or maybe gets a tiny bit of water randomly but that's it--until today. It's official: this kid can drink out of a straw. It's been one of my mom's little goals for him to accomplish while we're here so the only thing left to do is work on clapping.

I give all the credit to this accomplishment to my madre. And the awesome snowman cup she got for him from Target. And the fact that a friend mentioned that kids have more developmental milestones when they go to a new environment because of all the new stimuli. Our month in Columbus definitely proves that.

Note the crazy feet. You'd think he'd get tired of banking his feet on his tray, or on the ground, but no. I'd be surprised if this kid doesn't do some sport or hobby with his feet/legs--right now I'm thinking Olympic water polo player.


  1. Boo ya! What a smart kid! Now you can hand him straw sippy cups while he's in the car and you don't have to worry as much about him dumping them all over.

    Also, I'm digging those foot moves!

  2. Haha! Love how Gigi has the magic touch. Yay Henry!


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