the hat.

We're officially geared up for winter here. It was in the 40s the other day and since Ryan had the car (and since I forgot to grab the stroller before he left), yesterday we trekked to Trader Joes in the carrier.

I got him a hat and mittens from TJ Maxx, that I wasn't amazingly crazy about (I really wanted to get him the furry trapper-like hat, but it was a bit too big for him), but oh are those babies warm. I'm a little jealous of Henry, actually. Not sure if any of my gloves/hats/scarves are as warm as those. The luxuries of being a kid...

Back to the story. We were checking out, and an employee came up to us and was chatting with Henry as I got our stuff out/paid and he started giving Henry a hard time because he was wearing Steelers colors.

And we live in the land of die-hard Pats fans.

Oi. To make him feel better I said he was a Notre Dame fan instead. I think that eased his mind a bit.

Really, I'm not much of an NFL fan, so I could care less what colors Hen is wearing, but it just made me laugh. Boys and their team colors.

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