thankful sundays.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought that I'd do a weekly thankful post--a post for each day of the month, a weekly my-life-is-really-more-awesome-than-I-thought little ditty.

one: Ryan
A fantastic husband, and a better father than my wildest dreams could've thought. He works so hard in school, and although coming home isn't always the most relaxing thing, he comes home each day and immediately gives me a hug and can't wait to hold Henry. Although having a grown up job comes with it's perks (heeey more shopping money to Target :), I love being able to spend so much of each week with Ryan here and now.

two: Henry
This kid. This kid gets me every time. I love everything about him, and even when he wakes up a bit earlier than I'd like, I can't help but smile as I watch him play. I cannot believe that he will one day say real-life words, go to school, and go on a mission. But then again, I couldn't imagine him crawling around and babbling, and now I can't imagine him doing anything else.

three: my mom
She was out of town a few weeks ago on an anniversary trip with my dad, which is awesome. But I couldn't call her whenever I wanted. I had important questions like, how to make a certain recipe or to tell her about some new accomplishment of Henry's. My mom is quite amazing and I'm so grateful for our relationship. Thanks for loving me, mom. You're awesome.

four: safety
While being in Boston, we've lived through two new england hurricanes, and luckily, they haven't really affected us. We're in a basement apartment, so flooding was a legitimate concern. But we never even lost power for a minute. We thank you, mother nature. Now, let's talk about this winter...

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  1. I LOVE that pic of Hen looking up at Ry!!! You can almost see and touch the bonds of love between them! Hen loving his dad and Ry loving his boy. That is one to frame and put on the wall. AWESOME job!!


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