a quick trip to the temple.

We made a quick/last minute trip to the temple about a few weeks ago. It was misting, but I had been inside all day and just needed to get out of the house. We only popped out for a second, and it was already pretty dark when we got there around 7 or so, but we had to document Henry's first trip to see the temple (and his cute bear onesie as well). And of course, we rounded out the evening by hopping over to Costco for a little late dinner.

Here's to many more trips to the temple as a family.

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  1. We got to go to the Boise temple Open House this week. Kelli and I took one of her friends from High school with us. I was really pretty, and a great experience to go through. Totally remodeled inside and out. I love to see the temple!


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