a trip to salem.

1. memorial to those accused of being witches, a seat for each person who died
2. super old gravestones that i'll never get tired of photographing as long as i'm here in new england

last minute adventures are the best. i went to salem with a few girls from the church to explore the town of the witch trials and see what was there. much was still closed, due to the hurricane, but the creepsters were there like nothing had happened. we had fun exploring, but the best part of the trip may have been our trip to nordstrom rack after lunch...we may not be back to salem until next year, but we'll be back to that nordstrom rack very very soon.

thanks for the invite, ladies, and for some exploration plus adult time. henry is defintely getting to be more and more of a handful when on outings, but hurray for friends who don't seem to mind (or at least wait to complain until after i've left :)

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