busy busy.

I distinctly remember reading a friend's blog where she stated that although she said to herself that their blog wouldn't constantly be about their baby, it was turning into that.

Ladies and gentlemen, so has ours. (But you already knew that, didn't you…)

And on this how-I-wish-it-were lazy Sunday, as I constantly cradle a nap-skipping boy and barely have time to make some peanut butter brownies (oh how they save my sanity), when I go down to blog it is still to dote on this ever-growing, ever-changing kid of mine.

We do other things though, promise. Like this weekend, Ryan and I participated in a multi-stake youth conference and although 14-18 year old boys and girls can be a tad bit crazy, it really made me excited about the next generation. They all were assigned companions and throughout the three days prepped a first lesson and by the last day they all taught investigators about the Church. Some of the 14/15 year olds taught members pretending to be investigators (ala MTC style), but they all taught the lesson. Man, these kids can do amazing things!

Also, we had the privilege of hearing Elder L. Tom Perry talk to the youth. July is the apostles' vacation season and Elder Perry used to be a bishop out here and still has family out here, and while he was here he made a visit to see our youth. What an amazing experience for both our youth and Ryan and I. That man is almost 90 and I hope to be as lively as he is when I'm 70! He gave his talk off his iPad too…so classy. I hope I'm that up-to-date with technology. Maybe I'll start with getting an iPhone in the next 10 years…

Also, Henry is getting bigger. (Crazy, right?) The above pictures are from Bumbo time about two weeks ago. Also, he is no longer swaddled and while the Dilles were here I was able to capture this sweet picture of Henry sleeping on her chest. Even though we're not super close to family, we're so grateful for all the family we've got and their willingness to come and see us (ok, so maybe their family trip wasn't revolved around us, but I'd like to think so).


  1. who needs an iphone anyway? My old school phone is plenty. More time face to face with people!

  2. Of course I loved this post! Thanks for including that dreamy picture of me and Henry.
    We were asking the kids what their highlights were from the trip and they said, "Boston, but not so much for the city itself, because Ryan and Emily and Henry were there."


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