a baby blessing.

While Henry sleeps I thought I'd write a short post about this last weekend. We blessed Henry at church and Ryan's parents and my dad came out to be there. Although I didn't take any pictures of Hank in his adorable outfit--the same outfit my two older brothers were also blessed in--I took a few pictures through the weekend and wanted to share them. It was the first weekend since our wedding that we had our parents here where we weren't moving or graduating and hosting definitely takes it out of you, but it was so lovely having our parents here and seeing the love in their eyes as they held Henry. I didn't get any pictures with Ryan's parents, but Ken probably took more pictures than one ever needs to take in a weekend's time, so I'll post a few of them when I get them.

Henry, you are loved!

1. my dad and henry
2. henry's somewhere in there lookin cute in his blessing outfit at church
3&4. henry and daddy smelling the flowers in wellesley.

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