Ew, coconut. I hate coconut.

*We had found out we were expecting less than a week before we packed up and headed our to Boston. Also, we were at the All Star Game in Phx. I think that's why we're so happy in this picture…*

I keep wanting to have every title be "mangum update" or "baby m update". Those sound so lame though, so in keeping with all things Corrina, Corrina, I'd go with part of my fave Percy quote.

Because even though I actually really like coconut and feel totally bad for all the picky eaters there who are missing out (btw there's this great place in downtown/old town annapolis that has the best coconut ice cream I've ever eaten, I dream about that stuff)…but I digress.

The point is, pregnancy can really stink sometimes. And my heart just breaks a little bit when I get nauseous looking at the pintrest food section too long. Sometimes I get nauseous when I think about food too long as I plan our weekly menu.

I think I may just have a slight addiction to looking at food/buying food/making food that baby m apparently has a problem with. If he/she is even slightly picky, I just don't know what I'll do. At least like coconut, ok????

Other than the bit o nauseous-ness we're doing pretty great on the home front. I could sleep for hours and hours, which isn't too much different that my normal love for sleep is, and I've only barfed twice, so I'm feelin good. Oh, but now I have the bladder of a 6 year old and have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I guess I'm preparing to get up with an infant in the middle of the night anyway?

I'm not showing at all, and I think I lost a bit of weight on our road trip out here because I way less than I have in like a year or something. Don't get me wrong, I want to gain weight so our little one can grow, but seeing as it weighs an ounce or something, I'm glad I haven't gained quite yet. I'm sure my body will have no problem gaining weight in the next 6 mos, don't you worry.

Also, I'm not craving anything, who knows if I will, but you know how pregnant women are supposed to crave pickles and weird stuff? What if craving pickles is a totally normal thing? Like, even not being pregnant I wish we had 5 huge Costco containers of whole dill pickles so I wouldn't feel bad about eating almost the whole container in one day...

Anyway, there's an update. I'm off to eat an otter pop, because they rule.


  1. You look radiant!! Pregnancy glow :) I'm sorry you've been nauseous, that's no fun :/ At least you've only barfed twice..haha. That's the worst! I think I barfed 6 times in all. I feel lucky for sure!

  2. You look fabulous. Coconut was not my friend either...

  3. this just makes me happy. ps. suppper stinkin' cute pic! you guys look stellar! we miss you.

  4. It is so fun to wonder what the baby will be like, look like, like to eat, etc. :) can't wait! and sounds like you aren't doing too bad compared to some people I know. (ie: throwing up every day)
    :) keep the updates coming, whatever you title them!
    p.s. I don't like coconut (except for Samoas?). Can we still be friends?

  5. Oh Congrats! That is wonderful! Hope it is a fast and easy pregnancy with no troubles!


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