Alternate titles for this post were "lately", "as of late", "boston update", "update", etc.

Since church has been cancelled due to the storm, it's the perfect time to blog! This weekend has consisted of movies, tv shows, wii, and off brand otter pops, so really, there's been plenty of time to blog for a while, but mad men was just too engaging last night for me to not press "next episode", sorry.

This weekend, other than bein' lazy, consisted of us going on a double date with some new friends in the ward, Collins and Shantel. Collins is going to BU law with Ryan and they live literally right around the corner from us, too. We walked down to Brookline (JFK's stomping grounds, and the neighborhood right to the west of us) and went to a place called Shawarma King. It had good reviews and cost under $20 for the two of us, always a plus. It's near Coolidge Corner, an awesome and well-maintained area of shops and cute houses, so I think Ryan and I will be back to scope it out even more. I think there was an independent movie theater or something and I saw a review for a cheap/good pizza place nearby. Score.

In picture news, there's an awesome park to the southeast of us that Ryan and I have walked around a few times. I think we're going to make it a regular habit. And with a downtown view from the park like the picture below, who could resist, right? There are basketball courts and a huge softball field, open area with turf that's really nice and Northeastern's campus is across the fenway (this area of water/fens/pond-ish place) so we walked around there as well.  Since I had my fancy-pants camera with me I took a picture of Ryan and he took a picture of me, but since I think you guys still know what we look like, I forgoed those pictures for today. Also, his picture of me is better than mine of him. Hm. We just won't talk about that.

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  1. it's so beautiful there! me, josh, and truebs will be there soon to walk around the parks with you guys (and watch mad men).


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