Rome: Day two. PM

So these posts are long overdue, but Em and I have been pretty busy lately making preparations for a guest and for our big move. I also apologize that Emily doesn't have time to write these as she finishes her work with Whitney Lewis Photography, but you'll just have to be patient with my matter-of-fact retelling of our trip!

After we wandered around the Colosseum and the Forum, we worked our way over to the center of Rome where a plethora of historical sites awaited us. Trajan's column particularly caught Emily's attention. The column itself recounts the conquests of Emperor Trajan. It was constructed some time about 100 CE. Hard to believe a structure like this only got one star (out of three) from our guidebook!

Just across from Trajan's column we say the monument of Victor Emmanuel II, also known as the cake topper. Mussolini built it during his regime in an attempt to foster national pride (and later use that for military endeavors). Sadly Italian consensus has always found the monument gaudy and showy. Thus we have spared you of it here. However, we did find the Pantheon!!

While Emily models in front of the Roman structure, let me give you a few fun facts about the place. It was originally built for Roman gods but later became dedicated as a Catholic Church. It now acts as the grave sites of both King Victor Emmanuel II, King Umberto and his wife, Margherita (as in the Margherita Pizza), as well as the painter Raphael.

At this point we were famished and, although we forgot to take pictures, Emily and I found a delightful little restaurant with the BEST carbonara dish I have ever eaten. The sauce was creamy, cheesy, and delicious. Emily ordered a minestrone pasta which came with a side dish of the "fluffiest parmesan cheese" ever; it was all she could do not to pour all of it over her meal.

After bumping into our good friends the LeMaistres and the Vanderwerkens (more on our activities later), Emily and I worked our way towards the Spanish steps! A crowd mobbed the nearby fountain, "La Baracaccia" and Emily and I decided to take a peak at the Gucci, Armani, and Coach stores on the connecting street. Unfortunately we didn't quite budget for those stores, so we resorted strictly to window shopping...

From the Spanish Steps we walked to Piazza del Popolo and then back towards Piazza Navona. On our way Emily stumbled across a Coca Cola Light (aka Diet Coke) vendor and had to try it. Why can't Diet Coke be as cute in America? These are answers I'll never have.

That night we walked past a number of other sites, but rather quickly. We ate a few panini at a place near Piazza Navona and headed home. Exhausted, we got ready for Vatican City with our friends. But enough for now, you'll have to check back for more on that adventure!


  1. fun!! so jealous. also, love the fact about margherita pizza! it never occurred to me it was named after someone!

  2. i loved your blog post ry! so educational and entertaining. oh and i really want a coca cola light and some pizza.


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