I'm a guest post-er!

You know when your favorite bloggers go on vacation or have a baby and they have people write guest posts while they're gone? I always thought that it'd be pretty sweet to be one of those people.

Well, ladies and gents (to the three of you out there…ha) that day has come! While interning last night I wrote a post for Whitney Lewis Photography about a shoot I went on and it'll be on her blog today. In fact, it's there RIGHT NOW. Check out Whitney's blog, please.

Check it out, write a comment, or just come back here and write a comment. Which reminds me of the Flight of the Concords "hiphippopotomus vs rhymenocerous" rap. I do believe there is a line in there that says something about "be more specific with your feedback" and it totally cracks me up each time.

Have a good day, and that Florence post is coming….sometime. Check back, it'll be the next post for suuuure!


  1. awww em i loved it! that is the cutest couple ever. i can't wait for you to take some maternity pics!

  2. I really liked your post! looks like you got a great talent you are developing there.. lol pun. :)


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