Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Mel's Kitchen Cafe-style)

Ok, so I've already blogged about sweet and sour meatballs before, but as I was looking for a recipe to use up our ground beef, I came across Melanie's sweet and sour meatballs and decided to give them a go.  We really liked them and they were pretty quick to put together and bake too! Melanie said that they were a go-to favorite meal that her husband requests, so I knew I just had to make these babies.

Another hats off to Mel (NOTE: Maybe I should be in a fan club of hers, really, I may need some therapy or something. Sometimes I go to her website and look at the pictures of the meals and desserts on her sidebar and I want to make them all, seriously, she's my go-to blog. If you haven't gone over to her blog yet, go. I guarantee you can bookmark 5 recipes (for example, I want to make: this, this, this, this, and these) in a matter of minutes.)

No really, you have to go now.


  1. Emily - I hope you don't think I'm a stalker or anything but on my stats page, I saw your blog listed as referring people my way...and I have to say, you are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out to my cooking blog. I hope you can make ALL the recipes you have bookmarked! And by the way, I just read your bio and I graduated from BYU with a public health degree, too (although it was ten years ago). Thanks for letting me check in!

  2. Hey Emily, I didn't know you had a blog! Cool beans. Glad we can keep in touch better now:) Life since the religion dept has been great:) We're living in Michigan now. Also, as a slight ps, I totally know Whitney Lewis- she was in my freshman ward. Small world...


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