we heart the dille family

A few weeks ago we were super excited that the Dilles could see us as they drove though Provo coming back from spring break. We absolutely love their family and I think their kids are awesome. And adorable. And fun. Anyway, the list goes on. Since Ryan had a busy school schedule, I met them at Terra Mia and we ate a delicious lunch and exchanged our winter photoshoot pictures. {{Thank you again Jen for getting some great shots. I can't believe my hair was that long!! (no worries mom, it'll grow, I promise :)}}

It was so nice to chat and talk with them. I love how interested they are in our lives and how excited they are for us. Even though we probably won't be near them for law school, it's nice to know that when we visit Phoenix, we visit them, too.

Hurray for family!

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  1. Aaawwww...thanks so much for your post about us!! I called the kids out of bed to read it. We love you!


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