I'm a Mormon, yes I am.

*My disclaimer: Don't be offended at this. I think it's pretty funny and true, but would also love to know your thoughts. I'm all for some discussion, people!

So I absoutely LOVE this post I found online the other day. It's funny and pretty legit, too. Also, I love her disclaimer (go to the original post to see it). And I have to say, I'm guilty of liking many of these things. But really, I love that this stuff is "in" right now. I love being creative and broadening my horizons and I'm so glad so many people are in the same boat as me (and you definitely don't have to be Mormon to do any of these things, which is RAD). Also, although my photog business is currently a non-for-profit (AKA free for all who want to help me build my portfolio while getting some smashing pictures to put on their walls) it's legit, and not just a fling thing, promise.

Thanks to Kathryn from Talkin' Chow Playin' House

Stuff Mormon Girls Like
(Compiled by me + Erin + Corinne + SJB + other various contributors. Smart & funny girls.)

Vampire Books
Anthropologie ("Anthro")
Etsy shops
Typing in all lowercase letters
Digital SLR's & starting mediocre photography businesses 
The word lovely
American Idol
Husband (the word + it's massive over use)
Big girl's weekends to big cities (DC, New York, LA - depending on geography)
Shade shirts with spaghetti strap dresses / tops over them
Shade clothing
Book clubbing + small food
Mechanical bull riding for parties, birthdays, etc.
Natural birth
Divine family planning (i.e. we'll have children when HF thinks we're ready / need more)
Josh Groban
Game night / board games (Settlers of Catan, Bunko)
Banana Republic dresses
Running half marathons
Diet Coke addictions
The Pioneer Woman
Headbands with flowers
Headbands with massive flowers on babies
The movie Mean Girls
Throw pillows
Handmade throw pillows
Vinyl lettering with inspirational phrases
Stampin' Up
Homemade Cafe Rio
Dashboard Confessional
Designer jeans
Victorias secret underwear (pre-marriage)
Frozen yogurt 
Mild cuss words
Decorating with a giant letter (last name initial, etc.)
Giant bridal / wedding pictures on a prominent wall
DIY projects
Blogging!! (This could be a separate post in & of itself)
Design blog-blogging
Photoshop (& overuse of photoshop)
Wicked the musical
Red lipstick, whether flattering or not


  1. I like a lot of those things too. Things I don't like: Vampire books, AI, scrapbooking, Divine Family Planning, Settlers of Catan, Diet Coke, Massive flowers on babies (hate it when they're so huge), vinyl inspirational phrases ("all because two people fell in love", "love is spoken here" blah blah blah), designer jeans (only because I can't afford them...) but this list pretty much sums up a lot of us mormon girls!

  2. Haha, that is funny, but I have to go along with c&c: i have outgrown my love for vampire books, don't like huge headbands (on myself or babies), don't like vinyl, stampin' up (though I do like my letter stamps!), no giant letters, no highlights, i know how to print from photoshop and that's about it...I have never seen wicked, don't buy expensive clothes (there goes j crew and banana), i did get bangs (just to try), i hate running, heaven knows i love PW...don't like coke...like to read but no club, but i do like to bake and sew!

    I am (secretly?) glad that I don't fit this stereotype because I agree that you don't have to be a mormon to like these things AND JUST because you do, doesn't make you a "typical cliche" mormon.

    I hate sterotypes in general, especially mormon ones.

    i have never refered to dave as "husband" except if it's followed by "my". Even when I feel lazy, I try to capitalize, lest I fall into that stereotype too. sorry this is a novel, I feel that I have to justify my likes AND that I am not, apparently "a typical mormon girl". (at least, a "utah" mormon)

    i do love mild swear words though, even if just in my head.

  3. These are hilarious. "Running half marathons"- SO true. I feel like I'm the only Mormon woman who hasn't done at least one of those.

  4. This list is too funny! And pretty typical of a young Mormon lady (under 30). In my late 40's most don't apply any more. LOL

    I love reading your blog. I check it every few days.....I know, I'm a stalker!
    Love, Aunt Terri


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