We're famous (but not really)

Since I'm not sure if I've already posted this or not, plus, I just love this video of Ryan and I so much, here it goes. At the Newseum (a museum in DC I highly recommend, even though you have to pay to get in) Ryan and I (but really, I wanted to do this SO bad) got to pretend to be newscasters. We got to pick the background and even did a dry run and just tonight I was looking through our documents and found this clip. It makes me smile and laugh every time!!



  1. Haha! We went there on a school field trip (I'm sure you remember that I'm from there) so I have a video like that from when I was in 6th grade :) Way fun!

  2. haha!! I love it! you guys are sooo cute.

  3. oh my gosh I am peeing my pants with laughter...so cute!

  4. Wow Em I never realized what a newscaster voice Ryan has! :D


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