Chicken Burritos

As I continue to merge the cooking blog and personal blog, I love finding recipes and ideas that I've forgotten about just since I made them this summer!

I know that burritos are pretty simple to make, but just as a reminder of how delicious and nutritious they can be, I bring you: Chicken Burritos ala Trader Joe's (I know, you may not have TJs taco seasoning, or may not even think it's that marvelous, but use whatever you have on hand, afterall, this is more of an idea than a recipe).

Chicken Burritos
Trader Joe's taco seasoning
Refried Beans

I really loved using the taco seasoning on the chicken,  and using chicken instead of beef. I saute'd a little onion and then added the chicken and seasoning and a little water (pretty much just followed the directions) and it was really great and tasted like I did a lot more work than it really took, which is always nice.

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