my first shoot

First off, I'm back in Provo and since Ry is still in AZ I will be pre-occupying myself with an overload of GRE, photography, and especially blogging. I miss Ry so much already. I'm a wimp, I know.

On a way happier note...

I scheduled a shoot with Ry's cousin and her family while we were in AZ for the week and posted a picture on my photography blog but just had to put one here as well! Also, my family is AMAZING and I received Lightroom3 (an editing program) for Christmas so I'm excited to play with the pictures more. I love their family so it was a blast to take their pictures and then go out to dinner with them later that night.

Also, we took their pictures in a neighborhood in Gilbert called Agritopia and I can't wait to go back and take more pictures of the quaint neighborhood!


  1. they look great! you can shoot us sometime! haha...what are you doing back? working? how is ryan getting home? we'll be back on wednesday. we should hang out this week!

  2. Aaawww...so cute! Love it! I just put the kids to bed but tomorrow I will show them these cute pics and they will love seeing themselves on your blog!


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