I'm always late in posting something on the day of the holiday, but better late than never, right?

Ok, so these pictures are from this summer, but thanks to some fabulous cousin-in-laws we now own an awesome cookbook from our fave restaurant in DC. Love it.

Speaking of love, here are a few of my favorite things (along with link overloads) that Ryan and I were able to see, do, eat, and receive while in AZ:
Sunday: An amazing roast made by Cherie
Monday: Bowling at Lucky Strike, using their sweet lunch and bowl special, and getting smoked by Ry and his dad
Tuesday: We saw the Nutcracker for my birthday (my husband is amazing, and a post soon to come about that)
Wednesday: Hanging with the Dille's, taking pictures (which I can edit now with this baby) and eating amazing food at the cutest little neighborhood ever
Thursday: Seeing Kartchner Caverns with Ken, touring U of A's law school and eating amazing food in Tuscon
Friday: Catching up with Grant and eating his mom's fabulous cookies
Saturday: Opening up way too many presents and eating loads of food thanks to Cherie and Jen

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