Date Night

Ryan and I have been pretty busy these last couple of weeks, so we hadn't had a date night and on Saturday we totally redeemed ourselves. First, we went to Trafalga to play some sweet blacklight mini golf (I almost won) and then we stopped by Spoon it up, a cute little frozen yogurt place by the one and only Jdawgs. It was delicious and I kind of want to go there every week so that they can stay in business. I feel so bad for that area and how almost everything fails. There was Smart Cookie, then a pulled pork sandwich place popped up and then went out of business pretty fast, and then there was a pizza place where Jdawgs took over after they went out of business super quickly as well. Now there's Jdawgs, Spoon it up, and a cute little mini-grocery store and I really hope that corner does well.

If you live in Provo, go to Spoon it up. I highly recommend the Raspberry, PB and Chocolate, and the Birthday Cake. Also, the toppings are great. Stellar. Wonderful. And they have cute, brightly-colored tiles and sweet tables and ikea couches and big pillows and cute decor. Have I talked this place up enough?


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