I love my baby sister, and kaylea too

Brynn is amazing and I love that I've been able to see her a ton this fall. I'll see her in a few weeks, but in the mean time, I get to read her snazzy new BLOG. That's right, the Dalby family now has 3 lovely blogs to entertain you. There's B's blog, then there's Kaylea's (it's how I found out about it, thanks Kaylea) and of course, mine.

In honor of super awesome and rad blogs, here are some pictures of my sister siblings that I love (and that I think they love too). And that I think are all you need to see before you quickly become addicted to their blogs and anxiously await their next blog post .

PS I was looking through my old blog recently and I thought I'd start re-posting some of my favorite pictures and posts and maybe include my food blog recipes on here too, since I'm so bad at posting them on the other blog.

I know, it's too bad you can't be their dorky older sister, but we all can't be that lucky...

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