Ry's account was hacked.

So in case an of my readers have ever emailed my husband, they probably got a crazy email this morning about him being in trouble in London.

Well, he's not in London, and it turns out his account was hacked into last night and all his contacts were sent this email. Poor guy. We woke up to a phone call from my dad early this morning (thanks dad!) and Gmail caught onto it so he had to change his password to get into his account and when he got there all of his contacts/emails were gone.

The bad part is that he lost a lot of stuff, but the good part is that much of it can be recovered through friends and work and we've just created new passwords for many of our accounts so that they can be one step closer to being hack-proof.

Anyway, all is well here, but it's been a very early morning and hopefully we can get everything squared away quickly and have a productive day.

Darn you hackers!

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