So I finally got to be on the jumbo-tron!

I've always wanted to be on a jumbo-tron. Seriously. I think because I wanted it, it didn't happen until Saturday night.

But it happened! Right after the 5th inning, as everyone was standing up to sing YMCA…we were on!

It was a double-wave occasion. You know what I'm talking about. Actually, it was a jumping up and down and double-waving combo. It was THAT exciting.

Actually, I was trying to put my purse on the seat since I didn't want to put it on since the ground was all wet and Ry had to grab me when he realized we were on it.

Also, the smile cam was on earlier, and I was smiling my face off. So I think I grabbed someone's attention. :)

Also, we were early enough to get the game giveaway--a sweet Reds lawn gnome. This trip was totally worth it, just for the gnome...

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